Capital Improvements

Our commitment to modernizing our facilities lies in our understanding of how essential they are to the function of our conferences. Access to technology, a comfortable bed, well-equipped meeting spaces, healthy food, and other services, are as important to our conferences as the awe-inspiring beauty that surrounds us. We know that many of our buildings need more modern conveniences, and we plan to implement changes in a way that is respectful to historical preservation and restoration.

A master plan for future land use of the Assembly has been designed and allows us to map out a vision, direction, and plan for the next 20 years. It addresses everything from roads and walkways to landscape architecture, and from renovations to new facilities. Through this master plan, we can make sure that both our need for space and our need for keeping up with modern amenities is met in all of our buildings. Blue Ridge will always be more a place of natural beauty than a place of technological wonder. But we will be prepared to meet the needs of our conferences as advancements become available to us.

Cabin Village Initiative

Our current capital efforts focus on updating cabins and lodges on campus. The Cabin Village Initiative seeks to serve and engage families. Each cabin and lodge will provide comfort in updated spaces. This will enable us to serve all families – from a single unit to a multigenerational reunion. Nurturing families, which we believe are the foundation of healthy, well-developed young people, is vital to the overall Blue Ridge mission. Cabin Village will be a space that serves and cultivates the unique needs of families.