People like you are changing lives at YMCA Blue Ridge every day.

Blue Ridge is more than a conference center or camp; we are a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of children, teens and adults through programs that put Christian principles into action.

Your support makes our mission possible.

How you can shape our future:

Youth and Families

Hundreds of children come to the Mountain with their schools and families each year. The experiences they have here are vitally important, because they can change the course of their lives. By supporting this area of our mission, you are opening the door to new possibilities in the lives of youth and families who visit Blue Ridge.

Teen Conferences

Teens who attend conferences at Blue Ridge leave with more than they anticipated; new lifelong friendships and a home away from home. When you give to teen conferences, you make sure that everyone has the chance to participate regardless of financial status. In an increasingly isolated world, you give teens a place to build a wholesome, supportive community.

Collegiate Leadership

Our collegiate staff come to Blue Ridge to improve their leadership abilities, gain workplace skills and become stronger community members. By supporting collegiate leadership, you ensure that our staff have the resources they need to succeed.

Greatest Need

By designating your gift to be used according to greatest need, you make a versatile contribution to the Blue Ridge mission that can be applied wherever it is needed most.