Our Campus Wish List

The gifts we recieve enable us to accomplish our mission, funding scholarships and programs that ensure everyone has the opportunity for a life-changing Mountaintop experience. The impact of those gifts cannot be overstated. For those who would also like the opportunity to make a specific contribution to our campus, we do have a wish list of improvements – items that provide activites and enhance the experience of visiting Blue Ridge Assembly for everyone who comes here:

Firepit for Weatherford Hall Deck – $5,000

(8) Outside Dining Tables with Umbrellas – $2,500/each

(4) Picnic Tables for the Lake – $1,500/each

(8) Water Bottle Refill Stations – $1,200/each

(6) New Podiums – $1,000/each

(3 Seasons) Front Deck Flowers for the Blue Ridge Center – $500/Season

(2) Cornhole Boards and Bags Sets – $150/each

Dodgeballs (Set of 6) – $85

(8) Tennis Racquets and Balls – $50/each

(4) Pickleball Paddles and Balls Sets – $40/each

Basketballs/Volleyballs – $40/each