Leave a Legacy with Endowment

Given the opportunity, most of us would like to leave a legacy that gives meaning to what we valued over our lifetime. Imagine the satisfaction of knowing that because of your generosity and planning, children and families will be able to take part in the Blue Ridge spirit for years to come.

YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly has served more than 1 million youth and adults since its first conference in June 1912.  The Assembly is sustained by friends who have provided more than $4 million in endowment funds. Endowment funds are investment funds that preserve principal and make payments, or gifts, to Blue Ridge from interest earnings.

The purpose of our endowment foundation is to ensure Blue Ridge’s ability to carry out its purpose and to fulfill its mission. With a sound financial base, YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly can continue to provide quality programs and services, especially during economically stressful periods. In addition, endowment earnings can provide the funds needed to start new programs, grow and expand.

Can I designate my funds?

Yes.  Donors may choose to establish a personal endowment fund for a specific purpose, in consultation with staff that will support the Assembly’s various programs or services. We also welcome donors to make unrestricted donations by designating their gift to the Assembly’s general endowment fund, allowing us the flexibility to address current needs, wherever those needs may be.