Weatherford Chapter Naming Opportunity

Leave a Legacy at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly

As you may know, we have embarked on new capital efforts on the Mountain to replace and renovate family and small group cabins and lodges. With this campaign, we’ve opened opportunities across the campus for naming in addition to new building construction on the campus. Our Board of Directors has extended to the Y Alumni group the opportunity for the naming rights for the Region Room!

The Weatherford Chapter originated at YMCA Blue Ridge and has met here every year since 1965. The Chapter began meeting in the Region Room when Blue Ridge Center was opened in 1970. Since you have spent time on the Mountain and in the Region Room growing in fellowship, it seems only fitting that the Weatherford Chapter Y Alumni are granted the first right of refusal for this naming opportunity.

We hope you consider contributing to this cause and help the Weatherford Chapter leave a legacy at Blue Ridge!

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