Historic Rooms

Our smaller, budget-friendly rooms are comfortable for youth retreats, young adult groups, and single adult groups looking for simple and affordable housing.

Eureka Hall

Completed in 1912, our original landmark building provides the best view of the mountain. The building is open year-round and houses 400 guests in rooms of two single beds or bunk beds. There are 58 rooms with private bathrooms and 89 with shared hall bathrooms. This building is equipped with heat and air-conditioning.

Abbott Hall

Built in 1926, Abbott Hall has all private bathrooms and heaters in each room. The building holds a total of 76 guests in rooms with two single beds. Because it is not centrally heated, the building is open only in the spring, summer, and fall. Please note this building is a non-air-conditioned facility. The building is centrally located and only a short walking distance from the dining hall and meeting locations.