Selection & Induction

YMCAs of the Southeast Hall of Fame

As evidenced through the history of the Movement, the true genius of the YMCA lies in effective staff and volunteer partnership. For that reason, volunteers are eligible for inclusion in the YMCAs of the Southeast Hall of Fame at YMCA Blue Ridge. Prospective volunteer inductees will have had a demonstrable influence of a profound and lasting nature within their local Association. Impact beyond local YMCA work will enhance a candidate’s application.

Prospective staff candidates for induction will have completed their YMCA careers no less than three years prior to consideration. These individuals must have had recognized influence and accomplishment for local YMCA work within Associations located in the Southeast United States. Impact beyond local YMCA work will also enhance a candidate’s application.

Nominations may be submitted by active/retired YMCA staff members, or by current/former YMCA volunteers. No individual may submit more than one nomination in any given year. A minimum of two letters of support must accompany each nomination; these must be written and signed by active/retired YMCA staff members or active/former volunteers.

Inductions into the YMCAs of the Southeast Hall of Fame will take place annually in conjunction with the fall meeting of the YMCA Blue Ridge Board of Directors at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly in Black Mountain, North Carolina. Each year, up to six individuals will be recognized. If a nominee is not selected for induction, his/her nomination remains active and will be considered during the following year. After two years, the nomination must be resubmitted to be considered for future selection and induction. Anyone serving on the YMCAs of the Southeast Hall of Fame committee is not eligible for nomination or induction while serving on the committee.

Applications are due to the Southeast Hall of Fame committee by March 15, 2024. For information on the induction process, download an application here or contact Melissa Bailey Logan at