During your visit with us, your group will need a place to gather together, as well as a specific room set-up tailored to your needs. We will prepare your meeting space with an appropriate table and chair set-up prior to your arrival. A selection of equipment including easels, podiums, flipcharts, televisions, music stands, speakers, and microphones are available to use at no additional charge. Audio and visual equipment including LCD projectors/screens and portable sound systems are available at a nominal charge.

Please note some buildings are subject to seasonal availability.

Please contact us for detailed pricing and availability.

Blue Ridge Center Meeting Spaces

Region Room

Seating for 200, 2139 square feet


Seating for 200, 1638 square feet

West Room

Seating for 35, 312 square feet


Seating for 42, 437 square feet

Sirc Room

Seating for 36, 405 square feet

Robertson Room 1

Seating for 40, 425 square feet

Washburn Center Meeting Space


Seating for 600, 3933 square feet.

Heaton Hall Meeting Spaces


Seating for 727, 5600 square feet, stage is 320 square feet

Breakout Spaces - Room 1

Seating for 72, 644 square feet

Breakout Spaces - Room 2

Seating for 72, 644 square feet

Breakout Spaces - Room 3

Seating for 150, 1512 square feet

Breakout Spaces - Room 5

Seating for 35, 391 square feet

Breakout Spaces - Room 6

Seating for 40, 414 square feet

Weatherford Hall Meeting Spaces


Seating for 120, 1232 square feet

Dining Room

Seating for 100, 1020 square feet

Monsanto Room

Seating for 30, 375 square feet

Christian Studies Room

Seating for 30, 345 square feet

Eureka Hall Meeting Spaces

George Williams Room

Seating for 125, 1300 square feet

Meeting Room 3

Seating for 48, 540 square feet

Meeting Rooms 1 & 2

Seating for 36, 324 square feet

Founders Room

Seating for 35, 390 square feet

Paul Grist Room

Seating for 28, 306 square feet

Clark Room

Seating for 25, 299 square feet

Blue Ridge Leaders' School Room

Seating for 25, 1,242 square feet

Whittington Ampitheater

Seating Area & Stage

Seating for 800, 4000+ square feet, stage is 1800 square feet