We are pleased to announce the Columbarium, beautifully located on the east side of Eureka Hall. The word columbarium is derived from the Latin term colomba, meaning “dovecote or dwelling place of a dove.” In Christian tradition, the dove has symbolized the embodiment of the Holy Spirit. The Columbarium at YMCA Blue Ridge will be a place of contemplation, prayer, and remembrance. 

The Columbarium area features stone walls with small vaults or niches to contain the cremated remains of loved ones. A niche (vault) is a recessed compartment designed to hold urns. A total of 128 double niches are available in Phase I. Our plan calls for an additional 128 double niches to be added in Phase II. The Columbarium will provide an ideal setting designed for services and visitation.  

The purpose of the Columbarium is to provide the friends of YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly a final resting place with special meaning for those touched by the spirit of YMCA Blue Ridge. The Columbarium will be accessible year-round. Our vision is to present and maintain a picturesque environment in which family and friends may gather for meditation and reflection.

We are honored by the closeness many have shown toward YMCA Blue Ridge. The Columbarium is a symbol of the connection that families and friends make during their time at YMCA Blue Ridge. This connection propels us to share this beautiful, life-changing place for generations to come.

Why purchase a Columbarium niche now?

  • It ensures that a niche is available for you.
  • It ensures that your wishes can be fulfilled.
  • It avoids a burden upon your loved ones.
  • It allows you to establish final plans for yourself and your family.
  • It allows you and your contributions in life to be memorialized.
  • It provides your loved ones a place to visit and be comforted.
  • It provides a tax-deductible gift.
  • It eliminates the need to purchase a casket, vault, memorial, or burial site.
  • Cremation is less expensive than traditional in-ground burials.

Why be inurned in the Columbarium at YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly?

  • It is a final resting place that has meaning to you.
  • It is a location that will comfort your loved ones.
  • It is a beautiful environment that will be well-maintained and honored.
  • It is a reminder of your legacy to YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly.

A niche can accommodate up to two urns which are engraved with name(s), date(s) of birth, and death.  Niche fees include the two urns, niche granite faceplate which is engraved with names, date(s) of birth and date(s) of death, opening, and closing for inurnment(s), and perpetual care. The cost of one niche is $5,000. A minimum down payment of $1,500 is due with the agreement and reservation form. The remaining balance of $3,500 is to be paid within the following two year period and is a tax-deductible gift. This gift will help provide perpetual care for the columbarium.  

Each niche is a companion niche and can accommodate two urns. However, if two unrelated people so choose, they may share a niche and its cost. Niches may also be purchased as a memorial even if remains are placed elsewhere.

The choice of niche location is based on a first come first served basis, determined by the date of when reservation fees are fulfilled.

Columbarium Endowment Fund

Your $3,500 tax-deductible gift is a contribution to YMCA Blue Ridge’s Columbarium Endowment Fund. The earnings from the Fund will be used to care for the garden, grounds and sidewalks surrounding the Columbarium and to provide staff support including a chaplain for internment services.

If you desire further information, have questions or wish to purchase a niche, please contact Melissa Bailey Logan, via email or telephone 828-210-8459.