Summers are for 20% more!

In 2023, we had 9,752 teens between the ages of 12-17 visit the Mountain. Our goal is to raise that by 20% and give another 2,000 teens a chance to learn and grow.

Teens today face unprecedented challenges associated with post pandemic changes, electronic media and social turmoil. Screen and social media habits encourage many to stay indoors, decrease physical activity and reduce in-person social connection.

At YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly, we help teens overcome those challenges by teaching them essential leadership and character development skills.  We encourage them to spend time in nature which has been proven to lower stress levels after just 20 mintues.  We give them the opportunity to create lifelong friendships when many are desperate for authentic relationship.

Summer is our youth camp season! Your support, either by donating for the first time or increasing your level of giving, can ensure that YMCA Blue Ridge is able be the place for all youth this summer. Partner with us in our goal of $10,000 before May 31st!

By checking “Show my support by making this a recurring donation” below, you can set up monthly or quarterly gifts. This is a great way to increase your support while keeping your donation manageable! 

A printable pledge form can be downloaded here.