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During the financially challenging times of COVID-19, your gift to YMCA Blue Ridge will help keep our doors open. A group of generous Christian Values alumni are gathering together to raise $3,000 for a CVC plaque on the back of one of the green rockers on our iconic Eureka porch. We are encouraging you to give at any level you can, and to make a recurring donation if you are able; no gift is too small!

You can fill out the form below to give a donation toward the group rocker,


You can click here to get your OWN green rocker.

A green rocker plaque is $3,000, and it can be spread out over the course of three years. Here are some examples of recurring donations for your own rocker:

  • $19 a week for 3 years
  • $83 a month for 3 years
  • $1,000 a year for 3 years

No amount is too small to go toward the CVC group rocker! We appreciate your help during these times; you can fill out the form below:


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