Dr. Weatherford said, “Work cannot be measured in terms of so many dollars for so many hours of labor, but real work can only be measured in terms of what it does to and for people.  We dare not spend our energy in doing anything less than making better human beings.”

This is Blue Ridge’s motivating philosophy. The Christian values we hold mandate generosity in relationships. A core value that having real, authentic relationships is paramount, not just because it is good for business but because we are called to do it; we are called to serve. We are called to be partners in mission delivery. By helping others fulfill their mission, we are achieving our purpose.


Where does YMCA Blue Ridge fit into the Y movement?  We asked ourselves this very question during our strategic planning process.  Specifically, we asked - did we want to be a LEADER in the Y movement OR be a SUPPORTER of the movement?

Our answer - BOTH! We want to be of SUPPORT when we can and be a LEADER when we are able.

How? YMCA Blue Ridge is committed to becoming a Center of Excellence.  We define a center of excellence as a team, a shared facility, or an entity that provides leadership, best practices, research, support, and training for a focus area.  We identified three areas – youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility.

We believe that YMCA Blue Ridge can be especially effective in providing leadership to many different groups and communities. Because the Center of Excellence can focus on a shared understanding of these concepts amongst many different groups, we can help to create a common language, centralize data and resources, and form networks and communities of support

To accomplish this mission, our strategies are:

  • Continue to provide a safe, secure, and inspirational conference environment and experience for all ages to explore, learn, and grow in spirit, mind, and body.
  • Form deeper partnerships with YMCAs and other nonprofit organizations to support the healthy, safe, and positive development of youth, families, and adults. 
  • Connect, train, and encourage individuals, groups, and organizations to lead the way in affecting the success of people of all ages. 
  • Advocate for and support the development and distribution of innovative programs and solutions addressing issues facing us today.
  • Maintain financial sustainability to ensure long term application of services and resources.

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At YMCA Blue Ridge, we impact lives for a lifetime.